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TeamTRUST is a leadership development company with a goal to produce extraordinary dividends for leaders, teams, and organizations who aspire to reach the highest level of authentic success. Building trust takes energy, but it's the magic that rekindles enthusiasm, brings ease to relationships, results to work, and confidence to lives.



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What if? This question describes how I approach the world and each person's potential.  I am a practical optimist! I am practical because I know it's hard to get anywhere without deciding on a clear vision and long-term plan. I'm an optimist because I see the possibilities in every challenge big or small!  I  believe every person has the ambition to be happy and successful in life both personally and professionally. However, at times we can lose sight of our dreams and nothing feels rewarding anymore. Life is short and it's my passion to coach the "whole" person for authentic success; success that feels right on the inside. 

My experience identifying and growing talent for a global landscape and partnering with many high performing people has taught me some valuable insights and lessons about the power of trust. This experience defined my professional goal to support leaders in a confidential and humanistic way ensuring goals remain in sight, energy intact, and tough decisions remain value-centred. I know from personal experience that when catapulted to a new leadership milestone, it can be lonely when you realize you don't have all the answers.  As a professional coach, it's my passion to help you succeed. Together we look to the future, clearly define your long term goals, identify possible blind spots that may be holding you back and create a supportive accountable way forward for yourself and/or the team you lead.


The concept of TeamTRUST® comes from my belief that it's important to shine a light on the transformative power of trust.  It changes business outcomes and the lives of many.  There are simple ways to build it and a million ways to break it. However, there is a big list of positive outcomes if we learn how to take care of trust on a daily basis.  Building trust simply changes everything.


Jennifer Hagen, Founder & President of TeamTRUST® is a Certified Professional Master Business Coach, Executive Leadership, and Group Development Coach.  She is a graduate of McMaster University and holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Corporate Communications. Jenn is a value-centred leader and skilled facilitator with an incredible breadth of knowledge and experience in developing leaders, project groups, teams and emerging talent within IKEA Canada. By the age of 26, she began leading 100 million-plus stores and high performing teams.  As a respected culture bearer for the organization, she held many roles including Director of Learning & Development and V.P./Country Human Resources Manager for many years, cultivating innovative programs to build succession, employee satisfaction, expansion and business growth.  This work with her team gained recognition as one of Canada's Best Employers, year after year.

Jennifer founded TeamTRUST to support the next generation of leaders and groups who will use integrity and trust as a foundation to build Canada's bright future.


"Building trust, clarity and inclusion is the simplest way forward in a complex world."

Jennifer Hagen,